We are called to the olive orchards on a mountaintop fed by water. Here, we tend with purpose. We cultivate the life that makes sense to us. It is beautiful work, done but never finished. We call it Bel Lavoro.

It began in 1886 with a claim for water. With it came a tunnel, cut through the mountainside above Santa Barbara, California. Our wellspring has since traveled over crests and through valleys, by means of a century’s-old pipe and the ingenuity of our predecessors, to reach the groves on our mountain drive. The only of its kind, our tunnel nourishes both old growth and the newly planted,which we harvest by hand through timeless practices.

Our calling has become our occupation and we share with you the fruits of our labor: a collection of the finest organic teas and oils, drawn from fruits,vegetables and herbs irrigated by natural spring water.Beautiful work for a beautiful life, in the making.