The Bel Lavoro orchards are home to a unique collection of olive trees, which grow across our property alongside complementary botanicals. Our largest planting is that of Manzanilla. A widely beloved Spanish varietal, the Manzanilla tree is highly productive with a gracious harvesting season. Its rich flavor contains a pleasant bite with distinct notes of almond. Like all of our trees, the Manzanilla is pruned by hand before drying the leaves on racks to prepare them for tea making.

Amongst new growth groves are our prized Chemlali trees. A native of Tunisia, this variety of olive is rarely found in the United States and we are proud to be one of the few California-based orchards to grow it. To protect its light and smooth flavor, we press our Chemlali olives into oil using a traditional mat press, which is gentler on the delicate fruit.

Our Arbequina trees, another Spanish legacy, give us an adaptable and hardy tree. Their highly aromatic olives are a deep brown hue and carry a mild, buttery flavor with hints of fruit.

We tend each tree through timeless and organic practices. This is our commitment, as much a privilege as it is a responsibility: the purest care and harvest with our finest and most favorite tools.